hoop it to the top in sports management

It was an inspiration to me when I needed it. The story of Jerry Maguire when he sets off on his on course with his one client – Rod Tidwell. To make it to the top of sports management in the USA. 

I would suggest that perhaps a few more clients would be a safer bet. lol. But Jerry brings along with him; Dorothy, plus her kid and sister, best friend and the Tidwell clan as well. So it soon becomes a group purpose to see if Jerry really believes his mission statement. 

I hope you will enjoy this remix and forgive the secret garden lyrics of sticking it in if you treat her nice, as I overdubbed that with some squelchy electronic beats. 

Your right Tom/Jerry/ we all need to find a way to talk…. but not too much, and try to hide that old freak out from getting to bad when we stand up to leave after our speech!!!

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