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they are shutting down our facebook circles

There was an invitation to go to Facebook’s London office in 2019, I had it ping through to my account. I took up the offer and joined around 100 other aspiring developers to listen to a talk by Perry Joe Rogantin who had worked for himself and for Google and Facebook.

Curvestone was running the event schedule and it was all quite welcoming and enjoyable.

In 2020 a remote club was loosely organised where we looked at Artificial Integligence and Machine Learning papers.

Then the group organisers stopped replying to anything. And then the Facebook group moderators stopped facilitating the Developers Circle group i.e. they weren’t putting up any posts or finding ways to useful manage the direction of those already subscribed.

After that WeWork was all going slightly sideways. And Facebook had been pretty invested in fun offices and shared in person office spaces.

Now there’s a new announcement that the group is ‘migrating’ to some larger group, which Facebook has actually been investing in, instead of our group.

We did have a group, it was already set up. Curvestone has gone missing, and WeWork is going sideways. Stop closing down groups, when you are obviously ignoring them and that is why they aren’t as good as they could be.

Closing our London HQ group needs to be reversed. Or we can set up a group in Bristol??? The best city in the SouthWest.

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