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Month: March 2021

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Bristol Protests – What you say on what social media differs

Let me explain my rationale… …. I have seen the posters, with a mobile number, no telegram group mentioned. These people aren’t web developers are they?!

Climate Emergency 2019 Protest March Bristol City Centre

Was headed to town to meet a girlfriend for a coffee, when I spotted the march for green issues. I took the opportunity to film the crowd as the procession…

For ten years we have documenting our lives

The expectations that we can be anything or anyone, sometimes lead to such internal disappointment that we destroy ourselves, how can we cope better with life's transitions?

Bristol – dispirited and dispersed

This news article a year ago shows the stark realities for adults, similar ages to me, who cannot get themselves settled into housing or long term stability.

I’ve finished my repair now

I repainted the area with a second oil paint, then today finished the wall with a 'What?' Banksy piece


Peace comes from within and without. How do we cope when our external environment is being disrupted by hard to ignore developers?

hoop it to the top in sports management

I would suggest that perhaps a few more clients would be a safer bet. lol. But Jerry brings along with him; Dorothy, plus her kid and sister, best friend and…

Superkey’s fashion 101

What is the work from home job? I found a steady stream of eBay buying and selling, helped to pass the time, meet new friends and change up some of…

celebrating hardship

Its easy to read about a successful person or business telling you about how they are doing so well. But how do we celebrate how we handle hardship?

creative crypto podcasting

Trying to find my team mates Anthony and Gregory Scott Russell. Plus why did the Hash-an-now dot com cloud delay when I deposited my funds. Then it wouldn't let me…

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