trading crypto and our markets this year

At the start of this month, I have seen the potential to make good returns on the crypto markets. Especially as smaller coins were pulled high in value as Bitcoin had another surge, prompted by backing from celebrities like Elon Musk.

What do you need to know about how to buy and sell crypto?

1, You need to be good at doing the login. Its a jumbled array of letters and numbers as your wallet ID and then you need your password, your phone as a back up and possibly a back up phrase.

2, You need a trustworthy Platform. Luno, Binance or Blockchain are ok. Binance can go slowly during big trading days. Luno only has a few coins BTC, ETH, BCH. I’m not sure whether this company is expanding or staying about the same, has 7-8 coins.

3, Withdrawing your money is more complicated.

If you buy and sell Dogecoin, you might exchange it for USDT or BTC before you can then convert it back to your home currency.

4, There are some limits on what you can exchange.

I could exchange Dogecoin straight back to USD if I had over 6800 of its coins. That would have been around $400+.

The thing that really gets me is… to make huge amounts of money… you need to have a trading account live, ready to go.

It takes time to work out how to put the funds into the exchanges. That’s why I recommend… if you are interested, to try to learn how the platforms work, so that if you want to try to make some money from Bitcoin, then you won’t make so many mistakes.

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