George Michael was in an open gay relationship, in the mid to late nineties.

A journalist on tv interviewed him, after Police cautioned him for having casual sex in the night. Her point of view seems to be telling him, this lifestyle is not accepted within society (or safe).

She didn’t really want to listen to him, but his response is really interesting, given that ‘Polyamourous’ is now more mainstream.

His view was “I felt its so sad these days (90s/00s) that in a bar women have to cover their drink to protect it from being spiked.”

He had a different legal complaint against Sony where he tried to obtain control of how his music was published and used.

  • He said his existing partner knew that he was going out to enjoy casual flings
  • He carried out his romances in the early night hours, to prevent other people who weren’t involved being aware of them.
  • He didn’t feel he was lying to anyone within his personal life about his desire for ‘secret, discreet or on the side’ romances

It’s interesting looking back at things which George has some strong feelings about, like ownership of creative work and acceptance of more fluid relationships.