I will have to share with you the new Bitcoin Diet.

These are the rules.

1) You can only eat food or drink purchased with a cryptocurrency

2) You can eat WHATEVER you like, AS LONG as it is purchased using Bitcoin

3) A grey area, but if you offer to pay in Bitcoin and are given the food, that is ok

4) Set the time duration for your Bitcoin diet and try not to break it! Except in emergencies do not just withdraw all your money into EUROs when you get your chance.

Celebrities who tried the Bitcoin Diet

1) Ben Morris – YouTube sensation

2) Mark Falzon – YouTube celebrity

Why does Bitcoin even exist. When Ben Morris tried it in 2018 it wasn’t well supported by the local economy.

Bitcoin is supposed to be independent money for the individual who doesn’t want their details tracked with every purchase they make.

It’s supposed to challenge the structures and power in our society, by freeing money away from the main monetary system.

Does the diet work?

Also try diets like the intermittent fasting diet as this could be quite similar to the Bitcoin diet if you find you live in an area without any Bitcoin takeaways.