One of my neighbours asked me, ‘Sophie…. are you a good person?’ and sometimes I don’t know if I can be. My local area has changed so much in the last year and I have become so unenthusiastic about building developments that I had to get help for anger management. Here are my top 5 objections

1) The plans are passed because space for community use is included in the first plans, but when it is built, that part of the offer is cancelled. See bottom blacked out floor on this student block.

2) It’s all been passed by health and safety but I can’t even cross the road anymore across the busiest junction.

3) Things not done in a shared way

4) Corporate looking new build housing which is overpriced and actually very small in terms of square foot.

Its a great shame that Boris Johnson didn’t visit this part of Bristol during his visit this week and see the live gold rush that is happening on my doorstep as more organisations plant themselves into the locality, then try to extract the maximum profit from it. Some of the people who did this are lucky they haven’t been murdered, but then again, probably best that I don’t know them personally.

Correction. Someone was murdered outside the last photo, it was a very nasty police incident.