From the moment I heard of Robin’s suicide until recent months, I didn’t want to look over the wonderful work that Robin had made over his career.

The first news of his death concluded he had committed suicide due to money worries and addiction issues.

However a new documentary made by his wife with the help of close friends and the scientific community shows that Robin was suffering from a disease he didn’t even know he had.

He had Lewy body Dementia which was causing his body and mind to shut down. Unrecognisable to himself he was still trying to continue with the filming contracts he agreed.

Robin Williams brought comic genius to the genie of Aladdin.

If you are interested in understanding the unusual dementia which was the reason for his passing and revisit all the wonderful things he stood for… I recommend you watch the trailer. 🙂

The documentary has helped me realise that Robin’s death was an expression of the desperation he felt as his brain shut down by Lewy Body Dementia.

It was a very frightening experience for him.

Now we remember the hope that Robin lived for and spoke of so many times, and it can live on, in his final legacy.

We can find peace with our memories of him, through with the knowledge that he fought against such a difficult disease, and that it wasn’t a reckless end to his life due to addiction or money worries as it first seemed.