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Month: January 2021

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  • What did george have to say about dating?

What did george have to say about dating?

George Michael fought for rights regarding intellectual property rights for singers and he had views on relationships which were ahead of his time.

gamestop – e-fit by a woman

Out of the line up. Who do you think was a Gamestop trader, using online groups to edge the prices higher and higher?

Gamestop, pop and we’re done

Stock trading in 2021.... not for the faint hearted.... and there's lots of losses to made too. My thoughts are... if you want to do it.... you'll need working capital…

What do the bristol facebookers think of my side hussle?

With all the shops, pubs and groups cancelled or closed, Facebook Marketplace has been a great way to do swaps and to trade within the local area. If you can…

I recommend reinforced phone cases

Why buying a reinforced case can help you save the trouble and money of sorting out an insurance claim for a problem screen.

The bitcoin diet

Bitcoin is supposed to challenge the structures and power in our society, by freeing money away from the main monetary system. But is it also an effective technique for dieting?

eBay managed payments – explained

What I don't know, is what will happen about the extra 5 months you had with PayPal to chase up any disputes on orders. Which effectively meant users of eBay…

free quickie quiz

Test your knowledge and comment below with the quiz answers to these cryptic brain teasers.

an apple which looks like a pear

I listened to an amazing cybersecurity webinar today. And I was thinking about how real and fake can be difficult to separate. Maybe I am on jibberish mode today. But…

the housing crunch and gold rush in bristol and st pauls

Its a great shame that Boris Johnson didn't visit this part of Bristol during his visit this week and see the live gold rush that is happening on my doorstep…

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