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We’ve all been hearing about the economic slowdown and end of traditional jobs like retail and hospitality. I decided to take my neighbour’s advice and sign up to a cleaning service in Bristol.


  • Vetting process was ok, they were willing to accept a connection in a professional role and a friend known through a society I was part of for over a year.
  • I was able to find work without too much difficulty and 50% of the customers I went to work for have kept me on.
  • Really friendly team of staff who answer the phone, and support was good if I ran into anything I wasn’t sure of.
  • You get to work indoors.
  • In most scenarios you will be able to work in a separate room on your own. It is a more COV-19 secure job to do now and in the future.


  • Cleaning really is an art and you might find yourself being asked to clean tasks which are very obvious like bathrooms or kitchens.
  • There is also fine cleaning which many clients require such as mirrors, hobs, dusting.
  • This can mean paying more attention to cleaning a bespoke kitchen so it is maintained to like new appearance.

Have you ever hired a cleaner? I think I’ll aim to continue with the work, I have met some really nice customers and also some who gave me some feedback about how to reach higher standards regarding detail.