Wasn’t too sure when I was ready to try Deliveroo but as my mum had gifted me some waterproof Peter Storm trousers and it was starting to rain, I thought at 12pm that perhaps expectations wouldn’t be too high.

Plus I don’t have lights yet so I thought a rainy lunchtime might be a good time to try.

I did three deliveries at between £4.50-6.50 each. It was fairly tiring and some uphills. You don’t get to know the location until you pick up the food.

I had a fairly good shift. I was happy with my £17.50 for 2 hours. I ate three portions of chicken and lentils afterwards. One customer was very kind when I was ten minutes late. I didn’t enjoy getting lost on my first delivery but the second two were also ok. One burger takeaway was very friendly and they had santizising spray and blue roll so I was able to clean my fridge once per three orders which seems reasonable.

Deliverooooooooo on target earnings of £17-£800 a week.