eBay best and worst moments of 2020

Feeling a bit hungry? Wanting a delicious salary that arrives nearly every day?

Well eBay can provide that additional income to help with filling a gap in living costs wherever you live in the world.

This was a highlight, when in our communal dumping ground I found this amazing freest box minus box and leads.

I used some of the money to buy some coffee and scones for the people who live in our block which we ate outsides due to COV-19

Worst moment, probably getting interest on a computer listed and being asked to speak to the potential buyer directly, who then said he had sent me the money when actually he just sent me spoof emails which made me feel horrible that someone had contacted me on eBay to attempt to defraud me.

And possibly because I have a broad social media profile, people could have traced my ebay account from my website as its listed as a project. Thankfully I know something of Javascript and that email isn’t a real one from PayPal because the formatting is wrong and no PayPal email has light up lines. Its so f*** up.

2 thoughts on “eBay best and worst moments of 2020”

  1. Hey! Thanks for this post. I nearly got scammed by the same guy now, in May 2021.

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