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Month: December 2020

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  • Search and capture or chase .. police TRAINING GAME

Search and capture or chase .. police TRAINING GAME

The London’s Calling role-playing community is so committed to reconstructing the Met police in detail online that players of the video game are given collar numbers and can apply for…

Beth’s trailer camper van club and music

Beth is sort of anxious, and curious ... all at the same time, and contented in a very simplistically shot video. She gazes out from her trailer house and then…

Very entertraining

What would you like to buy online, apparently many like vintage train sets.

what is facebook’s status? a look back at the last in person hackathon in London

I don't know how or why, but in 2019 I was invited to Rathone Bone Square HQ to find out more on the subject of freelance international IT development.

At home cleaning – Not just clean it’s Monica Clean!

Don't disturb the fingy... how it can help to keep fit now that the gyms are open then shut.

Signed, sealed and delivered deliveroo first shift

I had a fairly good shift. I ate three portions of chicken afterwards. One customer was very kind when I was ten minutes late. I didn't enjoy getting lost on…

Brexiteering how to split.. in the last moment

Howdy everybody well its Brexit today! And we want plenty of opportunity to make money!!!! Ha Ready to shake on it??

what does paypal, topshop and hrmc have in common?

If I brought an iPhone, let's say a refurbished one.. if I paid by PayPal then I have five more months to query my order. PayPal can place the money…

eBay best and worst moments of 2020

Would you like to hear the highs and lows of a year on eBay??


We have always faced threats to our survival but have we always lived in fear? And how do we enjoy our lives as best we can within the limitations we…

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