I was listening to an update from the World Health Association the I noticed they were discussing person zero.

Person zero is the first person who was infected in the SARS or the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

When the Wuhan Fish Market was identified as the prime source of the first animal to human transmission, it was promptly cleaned and fenced off.

Now the scientists need to keep trying to find out who was the first person where the virus jumped species.

This picture is still the most wanted piece of information in the puzzle.

So this final scene in Contagion is still the most pressing mystery to solve. In the picture we see Gwyneth Paltrow’s character shake hands with a chef who was cooking a raw infected animal and had wiped it on his apron to rush to have his photo.

I’ve set the video to start at 40minutes when a CNN reporter asks the question about K-Zero.