Whilst I am disappointed for everyone that our local and national charity shops had to close, again, I decided to evaluate the feasibility of a charity shop versus an online store.

So lets start with similarities

  • Some folks might used an online store to move on items they no longer need. A retailer may also choose to use online as a way to sell stock which would otherwise cost to store.
A charity shop message asking stock to be kept sealed.

What about differences?

For starters, dinosaurs are allowed to roam freely in the premises of online shops, as long as they don’t step on any of the goods.

  • In a physical shop where customers visit in person, it is very difficult to prevent people touching or moving items before they pay for them. The online shop waits until the customer pays for the item before they have contact with it.

I think it must have been an incredibly difficult task for the volunteers at the charity shops to learn and follow all the quarantine steps needed for the stock when it arrives and after its been on display for customers.

For now I think online ‘shut until sold’ approaches are better, until we can get more advanced vending or collection facilities installed.

A moment where the future seemed to be here, slightly early……