Hello all. I have had the enjoyable experience of getting to know some programmers from international backgrounds.

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Did you know that a remote developer working from Nigeria, Kenya or the Kinshasa will be working in approximately the same time zone as UK customers?

My amazing finding which shows that at least time zones are not a barrier to employing Freelancers in Africa.

I have been loosely networking with Facebook Online Hackathons, and DevPost the platform where you find Hackathons to submit work or look for teammates, for over a year.

Phil has shown me that he has skills to create messenger automated responses and he also launched his own fundraising platform for communities in his area.

We sell AWS, DigitalOcean, Twillio, Zendesk, Very good security credit at cheaper prices and many others . If you are interested, please contact us. whatsapp: +243817591188 email: philjayz411@gmail.com

You can find some of Phil’s project online, by searching on Facebook for Philia Recipe Engine.

A working AI responsive messenger tool by Phil.
This is Phil’s Fundraising Site which he made to help his community.

I enjoy hearing from Phil. He is an enthusiastic and talented, skilled developer. He excels in areas which are more technical, and he is looking for new clients. If you were happy to engage Phil’s IT services, I will offer to be a back up contact should you/he need it. As I understand first hand some of the pros and challenges for exporting digital services. sophiecoopers@yahoo.co.uk