Could you just mention bitcoin?

If you have been following this blog for a while now, you will know I lost some money using some non mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges where I was trying to find a platform which wasn’t going to charge me such extortionate fees for swapping my coins.

I sold all my crypto last year as I was incredibly discouraged at the bad name or image it has. And with plans about being taken seriously, the mention of Bitcoin seemed to be doing more harm than good, virtually everywhere I went.

I’m pretty good at logging in and rescuing a bitcoin account on major trading exchanges. And if you register for big names like they occasionally give you free money in the form of AirDrops.

This took my interest when I saw today a video conference on how to present cryptocurrency earnings for tax purposes.

After all, in 2019 my main concern was… not being able to present Cryptocurrency assets well in a professional audience. Plus my family really don’t like things that can be misunderstood for tax evasion. And even not understanding tax evasion, isn’t necessarily a way out of a tax investigation from HRMC.

And I suppose I can quietly dedicate this post to ‘Anthony’ who stole some money from me on his ‘Cryptofxspace’ but had a wonderful motto that Knowledge is power for any trader and you have be wiling to lose something, but let’s not make ourselves in the position where our losses affect our families.

harry skywalker – the amazing story remixed

One day Harry Skywalker had an email ping through…. it was in his spam, but he decided to check it.

“Hullo Harry Skywalker” the message said…. did your get our invitation to Hogwhizz dot com?

Harry Skywalker scratched his head. He’d had an email from BIT-CON but ignored it. Surely Hogwhizz dot com was all a bit of a swhizz??!!

Then there was a loud knock on the door. Uncle Vernon opened it and a giant man called Hagrid was there, wearing old army cast off clothes. Hagrid said, “is your wifi on? I’ve been trying to remote call Harry Skywalker on WhatsApp.”

Harry went to the door and decided that if he’d had an email from Hogwhizz and Hagrid was there with the electric scooter to take him… well he’d better get going.

They flew off to Hogwhizz and when they arrived Hagrid said, “Harry I’m going to introduce you to part of your family that you don’t know about”.

Harry started his first lesson which was on his Google calendar, it was spell making and spelling with Prof Snape. Not only did Harry Skywalker have to perform the spell but it had to exactly correctly annunciated. That’s what Prof Snape said, and then Snape turned to Harry and said something really surprising…..

“Harry…. I am your true father”………

Harry thought about the dad he was told he had, called James, who was all meek and kind and noble. Then he looked at Snape who was all sinister and creepy and surprising….Harry Skywalker thought to himself, “that’s a better dad offer”.

Then Snape Skywalker and Harry Skywalker decided to have a walk to reset the wifi booster at the edge of Hogwhizz.

It was a lovely 48 hours for Harry, but he needed to get home as there was a parcel to at his old home and then he thought again…. well if he free’d up the cupboard for uncle Vernon, maybe the parcel can be stored there.

So Harry Skywalker made his decision to study at Hogwhizz with his father Snape.

Return of the scooter

Unfortunately after just short of a month test riding the e-scooter it needed a repair on the power up control. Thankfully after a week of explaining the problem to the eBay seller, they agreed to offer a return and refund when it arrived back to them.

Me and a friend were carrying this enormous box about 3/4 of a mile and I said to him…. ‘we might be picked up by the police carrying this strange large box’…. maybe they will stop us and ask what we are doing. He replied despite the BLM push to stop a more diverse range of suspects, that he still felt it was unlikely we’ll find any trouble.

As we arrived at the UPS drop off news store, the owner said we’d brought it there on the wrong day. Ohhhh no! Fortunately the owner agreed on this occasion to take the box, as I explained we had heaved the thing about 40 minutes and had no car.

My next move will probably be an electric bike, if I can afford one. I think they are considered adequate as a vehicle on the road. I had mostly only riden on the roads, and so if I get a chance I will try to find one….. or a road bike.

This one has gone back to Poland for a repair. If you are for leisure or moderate user of e-transport, I can give you the seller details. I thought they were perfectly ok to do business with.