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Month: November 2020

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  • Could you just mention bitcoin?

Could you just mention bitcoin?

I'm pretty good at logging in and rescuing a bitcoin account on major trading exchanges. And if you register for big names like they occasionally give you free money…

harry skywalker – the amazing story remixed

Then there was a loud knock on the door. Uncle Vernon opened it and a giant man called Hagrid was there, wearing old army cast off clothes. Hagrid said, "is…

Return of the scooter

Me and a friend were carrying this enormous box about 3/4 of a mile and I said to him.... 'we might be picked up by the police carrying this strange…

e-Scooter’s reviewed

I'm sure there's going to be a clamp down on this type of thing soon. Shame the Voi Scooters are so expensive and my data broke.....

Full Fat Eligibility Story

Life doesn't always throw us roses, but does it matter? Its how we choose to respond to what we can control in the situation that really influences the final result.

What is the gig economic recovery plan?

What is the gig economy and how can it offer a better inventive to people who are ready to start something than trying to wade through the shortlisting of a…

How to get rid of Happy Mondays – permanently

How to get rid of those pesky people who write to you continually about getting a new job for a Happy Monday with Reeeeeeeeeed

Finding K ZERO….still to do….

What is K Zero and why is it the an unsolved piece of information on the year anniversary of the COV-19 outbreak in the fish market in Wuhan?

Old man vs younger man in a fight who should win?

With more lockdowns expected, I look back at some of the best, worst brawls between rivals of this decade starting with Ackerman and Incahn. Who do you prefer?

Swift fight with Scooter

Taylor Swift and why she's using her recent success and status to have a dig at Scooter who she perceives fits into the typecast 'male of the industry' who grew…

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