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Setting up an ebay store has also been part of a bigger effort to sort through ten years of paperwork, failed or successful jobs or ideas which did work out for a while.

Dear Prospective Employer,

I’m writing to you because there might be a vacancy and ….. I want a role where I can learn and be an effective team member……

because the other people I wrote to didn’t want to help, ah-hem , and I have a wide range of professional skills.

My cover letter of sorts in 2019

Sometimes I wonder why I can’t get a grip on my emotions when I apply for work, but then I look back at a whole load of interviews I went to, or jobs I tried to find out about.

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I’ve faced a great deal of stress and some of it was not my fault Mam, or sir. But I hope your organisation understands the need for space away from work, this is why I am writing you this cover to letter to ask

if there

might be …. a job….available??

Oh no …. no job? for me? today?

Oh go and do one then!

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