With near to half a million radio show plays of her Supernatural Girlz show…. I decided to find out more about the enterprising woman behind the online radio channel.

Superkey: Patricia, can you tell me more about your therapeutic and supernatural work?

PB: I am formally trained as a sociologist, additionally have been a dream analyst and counselor and life coach for over 25 years. My first love is the paranormal, so in 2013 I began hosting a show called Supernatural Girlz, Where Paranormal is Normal.  Through the show I have met the most incredible experts and experiencers and although it’s a lot of work to produce it’s tremendous fun. 

What’s feeling in America currently? 

PB: Unfortunately, there is a broad division in the U.S. between the Democrats and Republicans.  From what I have seen the intolerance of the Democrats has grown to massive proportions to the point where it is dangerous for someone to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat, or have signs on their lawn in favor of President Trump. One commentator made an excellent point by noting that the people who are voting for President Trump’s second term love him. And they do. So tell me, where do you stand?  

The mainstream media, Facebook and Twitter have taken to blacking out and blocking negative press about Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, despite breaking news on the corruption of the Biden family. The press and big tech have lost all objectivity and instead push their own agenda, which is a terrible thing for all Americans. 

PB: My techniques offer awareness on a deep level of who you are, your life path, what stands in your way and how to effectively remove those obstacles.  I work with many tools – soul realignment, tapping, (emotional freedom technique), dream analysis and more.  I like to make it an adventure for all my clients, both productive and exciting.

SK: You have mentioned ancient ways of healing….

Patricia: Thirty years ago I studied with several Native American Medicine people.  

Their wisdom was passed down via oral tradition.  I’m grateful for the opportunity I had back then, as many of the Elders have passed on.

Now there are very few in the younger generation that practice or even know about those same powerful  traditions.

Can you tell a spooky story please?

For one of our shows, my cohost, PK and I were interviewing a famous psychic medium.  For the first 20 minutes of the show we heard a VERY loud squeaky chair in the background.  It was relentless and got louder and louder. It was terribly annoying. Now, I knew it wasn’t my chair and it wasn’t PK’s chair, so I brought the Medium into a muted audio room and asked if she could please change her chair for another one that didn’t squeak.  Her answer stunned me, “It’s not me.  I’m sitting in a straight back dining room chair.”  It was then that i knew we had an uninvited guest.  I talked about what was happening on the air and the more I talked about it the softer it got until it finally stopped. After the show I took photos in the room and a devil’s head showed up.  It was clear as day, and I’m including it here for you to see.  I immediately called the Medium and left her a message that she had a negative energy attached to her that she should clear it as soon as possible. As it turned out, the Medium had been ill and was recovering from pneumonia.  Somewhere in her travels this entity starting stalking her, and most likely had something to do with her slow recovery.  I never heard from her again. Happy Halloween! And be careful out there!