Is your business cyber secure? Ten questions for every sensible business leader to ask.

We all want a woo or whoop or wow when we review our business plan, but when it comes to IT a boo or spook during the Halloween season is anything but fun. 😔

1. Is you business ready for the next pandemic or lockdown?

2. What If there is Natural Disaster like Flooding, earthquake, fire?

3. If thieves attack your company or business and take away the company’s assets, will you be able to provide enough assets immediately in other to keep your business going?

4. What will you do if Hackers attack or even access you computer?

5. What are you doing about ransomware/new malware virus that could freeze up your systems?

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6. Are all your business contacts safe?

7. How about your emails, are they safe?

8. Don’t you think your business contacts need to be kept in a safe location?

9. Are you tired of moving around with your company’s assets in other to keep your business going while you work afar from your office, do you know you can work without having to move anything from anywhere?

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10. Is your business or company been set up in the cloud where anyone from anywhere in the world can access it?

Will you watch and allow your business to just go down without any backup? Don’t you want to be among the people who have their business or company ready for tomorrow ?

Article supplied by Michael a volunteer developer and contributor on the subject of IT systems security.

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