I don’t think anyone could fail to notice Donald Trump catching COV-19 whilst Biden didn’t.

He was really enjoying teasing Biden about his ‘basement campaign’ and it looks like now for the whole world to see, the importance of facemasks is being highlighted in America.

Back in UK, in a council estate in Hartcliffe I could not believe how many staff were not wearing a facemask.

I overheard one manager saying they felt indignant that they’d been asked to wear one as ‘they couldn’t because of their exemption’.

I find it quite easy to wear a mask especially now I have a fashionable one with a fun design.

My dad said, we’re wearing them for other people, not ourselves. You might be exempt from wearing a facemark but that won’t make you exempt from getting the Coronavirus.

“If we could all just wear these facemarks between now and January we’d have this thing sorted. This matters.”

Biden at the confusing Presidents Debate

If there was one moment where it really got me was when Biden had the chance to say those words.

What do you think?

Thank you to the lucky bidder who purchased the BUSH CD player today, was very happy posting that today to you Sir!