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Month: October 2020

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  • Great team work, positive attitude for a winter uphill slog

Great team work, positive attitude for a winter uphill slog

How is Superkey getting on with the uphill slog of winter, recession and trying to get a start up going with only one's own resources?

How is your job search going?

Find out how I found the economy of employment with all its highs and lows, even before the coronavirus lockdown and recession.

Uninvited Spirits and how to cleanse your Paranormal field – an Interview with Patricia Baker of Supernatural Girlz

Would you like to hear about a supernatural story about the paranormal for Halloween? Read on to find out about soul realignment and tapping by a top radio show host.

Weekend Browsing

What else to do this weekend than browse for a bargain on eBay the place where you can buy virtually anything.

Singing Praises with Fat Boy Slim

Well its a big bright yellow sun.... is how the Fat Boy Slim albums kicks off and why don't you join in my evening of musical reflections and EDM-itude.

Do I remind you of Abby from Last Part of Us?

When you find yourself drawn to a Joel like coat for all eventualities.... maybe it's time to see if I am like Abby from Last Part of Us. Although hopefully…

The power of love

Read all about the power of love in my post based on my own lived experiences.

Weekly Rant

I don’t think anyone could fail to notice Donald Trump catching COV-19 whilst Biden didn’t. He was really enjoying teasing Biden about his ‘basement campaign’ and it looks like now…

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