There’s a new way to pay…..welcome to Facebook Pay

I took a few days breather to wait for some inspiration and then… there it was.

Facebook Pay Image 1
A Screenshot of Facebook Pay as of 10/09/2020

It’s a new option to pay through Facebook.

Facebook Pay, would I use it?

It looks like its mostly reliant on PayPal to create the payments and not the Libra which was originally created. I can add a bank card and adjust my security settings.

Would my bank refund me if there was an accidental payment created on Facebook Pay? I’m not sure.

It’s pretty ok, I liked the choice of currencies. I was trying to help some friends in the Facebook Circles Nairobi to fundraise. Potentially it cuts out the middle man for me to be able to transfer funds from a UK bank abroad.

Anyone know what the actual flut is a Facebook star? I mean is it money or to do with trust? What the actual flutt?

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