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There was a disparity between the choice of footballers on the same team about whether to complete the kneel in recognition of BLM.

One footballer who didn’t and remained standing said he supports equality of opportunities and treatment for all cultures and races but he didn’t agree with some of the disruptiveness which happened on some of the BLM campaign trails.

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And summarising another article, I read that it could be difficult to get a conviction for murder on the police officers. Although manslaughter was the likely minimum.

There were two autopsies and one suggested that drugs in GFs body and a heart condition could have contributed to his death, obviously not entirely. Whereas one record of death completely ruled out drugs in GFs system as having an influence over the tragic death that occurred.

I hope the process of administering justice goes as well as it can, to enable society to heal.

And I want people who read my writing to gain knowledge of the intricacies which can make what seems a straightforward case more difficult to solve or resolve.