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Month: August 2020

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  • Black Panther star passes

Black Panther star passes

I updated his description on a key product representing the Black Panther by Marvel Universe.

Trump’s small hands push TikTok CEO into leaving

In an expected or unexpected move, Trump's small hands succeeded in pushing out TikTok's new CEO. What's next for Majer? Maybe a spot in Strictly?

The Wave and Vimeo Pro example

Making up a Vimeo Pro video example for you and thanks to my mum who set up the trip and did the research to find the venue and the driving.

BLM in the courts and in sports this weekend

There was a disparity between the choice of footballers on the same team about whether to complete the kneel in recognition of BLM. One footballer who didn’t and remained standing…

Special FX Studio

Carers sacked for stealing in Bristol

I hope if you have an interest in the economics affecting the disabled community and those who serve them that you will read this article with an open mind.

Sort out your life and your rice 😋

Sort out your life through cooking talking music therapy a lovely mix of the senses whilst you unburden your soul.


We are probably all feeling abit zoomed out. Why not join me virtually for a moment on my walk.

Whereabouts of Banksy discoveries

Unfogging some headspace to do some work on my goals. Plus a friend took some photos which weren't me doing a selfie, do you remember the days before selfies???

Flooding in social media housing

I flooded the flat with a virtual special effect tool.

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