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Month: July 2020

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Who is Superkey

Who is Superkey the computer geek?

Tik Tok First Video

How to do a Tik Tok and what to expect from the new social media marketing channel.

Don’t give up on me babe

What are the three things we all need?

Chocolate making therapy with Zac Efron

Even the rich have their own emotional struggles, why not join mega rich Zac for a therapeutic session in a similar style to Goop.

Back to the pub!!!! The Reviews Song….

Now that’s what I call a great review hit!!! Superkey

The best graffiti selfie in Bristol?

Branding is so important today and my brand values include personal wellness.

Risky Business the film reviewed

Tom Cruise’s early performance as a young man left in charge of his parents home for two weeks. They give him one hundred dollars and fifty for food. On Amazon…

Virtual sports competition

If you heard of Who Framed Roger Rabbit 🤞💙 then you'll understand the human and cartoon theme today.

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