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Month: June 2020

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Alex loves Alex ❤️💙

We can see the attention to emotional well-being and care for one and each other’s personal wellness routines in their daily timetable. I like the way Alex says that it…

A Candid Reply

What we didn’t expect as Gwyneth took to the stage was a frank and honest dialogue about her surprise when divorce and separation became part of her family story. I…

When your life becomes the same as a famous Bible study

When you realise your life has the same plot as a biblical character.


Last year Coldplay released their album with a choice not to tour due to environmental responsibility. This song was one of my favourites last year and sums up so brilliantly…

That girl next door (with a gun)

Oh drat who smashed our mirror with their gorgeous looks? (Or was it supposed to be the other way round🤔) Keanuuuuuuu help us solve this Matrix riddle.

PJ Day, PJ Harvey Epic Song Memories

I was a teenager of the millennium and spent my pre adulthood playing songs, enjoying words and phrases.

Let me read your cards

Let me check your cards and help you with your charmic energy reading.....🥰

And I will try to fix you

What on earth are we to do with ourselves, our world and our lives?

If it’s meant to be

If it's meant to be it will be get yourself a cuppa tea.

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