Cats are out…. let’s start bullying everyone who doesn’t look right starting with woeful weighty celebrities.

Around 2012 to summer 2013 it was easy to get a job as a sports instructor on a PAID basis.

The job was to help clients the group get fit and I was given work with; men with diagnosed poor mental health, Asian women, teens from a Islamic school and children in deprived areas.

Hows a standing desk for personal fitness at home.
A warning from the film industry of the woes of bad lifestyle choices
Getting back on the bike.

I’m convinced I’m only here because of my middle weighty tummy. In fact all I think about now is how to get the entire country cycling fit.

Boris Johnson’s thoughts on what put him in a hospital bed.

Any fitness enthusiasts out there?

Should we ALL be forced to become healthy for the first time since the London Olympics?

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