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Christian message confuses on the COV-19 front

Christian message confuses on the COV-19 front

Christian celebrity preacher Kenneth Copeland has confused the hell out of people who now claim he is spreading disinformation.

From what I can see he has been doing things that are considered normal during normal circumstances. Like praying for what we want to happen by praying that we believe in it and it has already happened .

Unfortunately this is extremely confusing for the majority of people recieving their information who will not have the conditioning of church cultural heritage to understand it’s a type of prayer.

Please continue in your peaceful prayers, thoughts or absence of a religion whilst we all seek to support ourselves and our fellow man during COV-19.

For example if I wanted to own my own flat and believe it’s in line with God’s will I might pray “Thank you Lord that I have my new home Amen” to encourage myself towards this goal.

I hope anyone praying in this way will, like me, comprehend that my new flat is not here yet, but by encouraging myself I can work towards my goal with my faith as a tool.


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