Virus on YouTube

So you have a new friend request on YouTube

Fake friender on YouTube called Logan is commenting on zillions of channels.

Hi wanna be friends? Awesome content. Wanna be friends? Great video, wanna be friends?


Many people on YouTube believe the Logan account is a bot being programmed to leave messages on channels especially those with growing audiences.

When I first saw a message from Logan I thought urgh it’s not some young kid is it? And I explained I was just looking for friendly followers of my videos.

After I kept getting the same β€˜Wanna be friends’ I researched Logan bot on YouTube and have concluded like others, it is a cyber attacking profile aimed at drawing audiences to its site or hacking into sites.

Sorry Logan. I definitely don’t want to be friends or accept your incessant posts in my comments box on YouTube. You will be deleted or blocked forever hopefully.

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