Today Wednesday, 27th May 2020
Superkey 🛹

Live your life like you love it 🧑🏽‍🎤👨🏽‍🎨👩🏻‍🚀

Quiz Questions please

1) Which sporting event where eating strawberries is popular was covered in its insurance against pandemic?
2) Which isn’t a Cryptocurrency Coin? Bitcoin, OneCoin, Ethereum
3) If I ordered a Gousto box, what would I expect to arrive?

4) What company is bigger McDonald’s or Burger King?
5) Which famous celebrity didn’t star in Contagion? Kate Winslet, Stephen Hawkin or Lawrence Fishbourne?
6) True or false? If I said ‘Oasis’… I might mean a band, drink or clothes shop.
7) Which isn’t a brand of phone? Discover, Moto, Doro, Redmi
8) Who didn’t star in the film Horrible Bosses? … Megan Markle, Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez.
9) What isn’t a way to send a message to another phone? ….’Bluechip, WhatsApp, Bluetooth or Email’
10) One point for every type of popular video calling or conferencing tool you can name.

Email answers to for marking.


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