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Month: May 2020

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  • McDonald’s achieves it’s ambitious climate change goal.

McDonald’s achieves it’s ambitious climate change goal.

McDonald's achieves it's ambitious goal today but without any fanfare.....

Does Superness change?

How have viewers preferences changes for their ideal superman since 2012?

Pride and Pleasure and Prejudices

What can we agree on about Mr Darcy? Let's ask the audience to find a suitable answer.

Work from home during your period?

Women's health and comfort, an ethical business issue these days? And can helpful procedures for women increase happiness in work?

Can’t get your shopping, lost view of your money, can’t pass your test at work?

It all too much it's really all overwhelming and broken. ,

Self Published Book on Anger free download plus fundraising link

If you want to try a sample of my book on anger you can download it here today.

Unlock your business potential with expert coaching.

Hear about WHO can help your business get back on track after lockdown.

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