Contagion Vs COV-19 which bits are accurate

In my opinion, of course, please arrive at your own conclusions.

Released in 2011

Incorrect or dissimilar portrayls of the virus. In Contagion some coughing is shown but the individuals are depicted having a sudden seizure including frothing in their mouth which then they die from in moments.

Accurate similarities include a cough featuring as a symptom.

The virus causes chaos, mostly in USA then London and the suspicion of it being a biohazard terror weapon is part of the early story.

However the storyline that the virus started in Hong Kong including possible animal transmission seems to agree, broadly, with what we understand from Coronavirus reporting by the media.

I was looking forward to seeing Gywtheth valiantly become a force against the Contagion. But she’s gone after 10mins of the film.

Gywtheth Paltrow does not seem to have contracted Coronavirus but celebrities including Tom Hanks and his wife have been personally unwell.

Contagion quickly suggests that a virus could be passed on by the massive amount of touching everything we do.

Kate Winslet gives a convincing performance as a lead strategist who unpacks the characteristics including the R nought factor (rate of infection passing onto the next person) to the puzzled or perplexed leaders.

Are films a useful way of learning? Do you prefer the documentary rather than fiction to watch? Do you look for a range of media studies examples to examine?

  • Jude Law seems to represent the voice of journalism and his character comments on how the Contagion is being shared online and to death with printed press
  • Kate Winslet I think she represents to me alot about control and steering the epidemic.
  • Matt Damon I feel his storyline is about sudden grief and the confusion or upset he deals with as he comes to terms with it and whilst still having to be interviewed by the scientists concerning his wife and son’s sudden death.
Has the film industry helped us face our fears in the safety of our cinemas or own homes?

I don’t know if you have a faith. Christian people believe in the gift of prophecy. But a grounded person will test all things. I believe sometimes things exist in our consciousness before they manifest in our lives. So I think it’s suitable, if individuals want to, to reflect on relevant media produced around this topic we are currently surrounded by in 2020.

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