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Proofreading service

Proofreading service

Helen offers a professional low cost proofreading editing and writing service. You can read about all the Prices and Terms on the website, but for proofreading and editing 1000 words costs £20-£25 with discounts for high word counts.

Helen offers Academic Writing Services and Non-Academic Writing Services charged per 100 words. Unlike some other companies which employ hundreds of staff working with thousands of different people per week, you will receive both personalised and professional assistance from Helen.

Helen’s a native speaker and fully qualified professional with a First Class Degree in Linguistics and English, as well as a Certificate in English Language Teaching and 20 plus years experience. Therefore you can expect full satisfaction from this proofreading editing and writing service in British English. She has extensive experience both with correcting native speaker and non native speaker documents. She offers quality  Academic Proofreading and can usually offer a fast turnaround time on shorter documents such as essays. It’s not just for students and academics though, she also offers proofreading for all other purposes.
Based in the United Kingdom, but available across the globe, for expert help Contact Helen today!


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