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Intolign Membership Sample

Intolign Membership Sample

What we will cover today:


Why change isn’t hard
­ What creates change?
­ What are the implications?
­ How can you set the scene for having change occur?
Why change isn’t hard
­ Has your taste changed?
­ Has your outlook on life changed since you are alive?
→ change isn’t hard you have changed so many times without having to work hard for it. It just
What creates change?
­ What makes you behave the way you do?
­ the way you see the world dictates how you behave (example flat world round world)
­ When the way you see the world changes your behavior and experience of the world
changes (client example abusive relationship)
­ How does your view of the world changes?
­ insight and realization
Oxford Dictionary: The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or
­ it naturally occurs, you are hard­wired to have insights
­ you had all kinds of insights in your life, otherwise, you wouldn’t have survived (insight
about walking etc.)
What are the implications?
­ You don’t have to work hard to have change in your life
­ What you have seen you can’t unsee
­ Insight can come at any time


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