Looking for ancient approaches to modern uncertainty with Supernatural Girlz

I’d like to let you in on one of my support calls from Patricia my life and spirit coach. She has gained skills in ancient approaches to read the energetic values of our souls as we arrived on our planet.

In this short sample recording you will hear Patricia give me the first parts of my soul reading which amazingly showed up low energy in the area of discerning relationships. I waiting for an assessment for Asperger’s and how interesting that Patricia saw this in my soul energy.

But the good thing is, knowing the good, bad and more neutral aspects of my energy scores that I can use this knowledge to build up my resiliance in weaker areas. And know myself better so I can go further with the strengths I have such as my excitement for life evident in my premature birth ready for Christmas.

I’m looking to connect this work with clients in the UK who may want this soul realignment work so they can move forward in their lives in this difficult time.



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