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Safe Mode

Safe Mode

Sometimes we get such a life whack that we need to play things more cautiously like safe mode or backup mode on a computer storage system.

You will need to restart your computer in order to enter into Safe Mode on older versions of Windows. Once you power up the computer or restart it, you will often hear a beep. Press the F8 key in one-second intervals. … For most PC owners, you won’t need to use the β€œSafe Mode with Command Prompt” option
  • Safe mode might represent different things to different people.
  • My grandmother lived well into her nineties using patterns of worrying and general chocolate consumption.
  • I’m probably going to revert to walking rather than running for exercise.
  • I’m slowing down to allow myself more time to make choices.
  • I’m trying to get my vehicle or route onwards into the lane with least stress.
One of my life coaches Jaychm describes self safety

We can learn to rebuild trust with ourselves and the world around us. A theoretical safe mode can help us revaluate our direction through deeper reflection techniques. Mine include writing, breathing and walking as self soothing strategies.


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