Virtual Reality Experiences


Store cupboard items (Things we assume you already have)

Android or iPhone able to play YouTube videos with data.

Method…..get a VR cardboard these usually cost around Β£4.00 from charity shops or Β£16 new upwards to Β£32. A search of β€˜VR cardboard’ will be necessary to locate the exact product. They start at Β£0.99.

Headphones help make it more immersive.
Office for sophiecoopers in 360

Headphones add an improved experience.

My VR playlist

VR horror films
VR Sonic notice you need the YouTube video to display as two screens to create the effect when you wear the binoculars.

Depending on how much time you have to spare and how much you want to spend, you really could have a great experience with no in app purchases using technology introduced in 2015 which still works well.

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