Today Saturday, 31st October 2020
Superkey šŸŽ¢

šŸ’– Live your life like you love it

Inspiration in the music industry….

Inspiration in the  music industry….
Becky’s new track now released on Spotify

I met Becky through Severn Vineyard church which in 2017 was the largest ‘pop up’, church at the time. She also invited me to watch her perform live. šŸŽ¹šŸŽ¤

Since then Becky has been moulding and developing her music, and I am excited with her as she announces her music available on Spotify. ā¤ļøā¤ļø

Iā€™m really excited to finally be releasing my own music.  This song was inspired by a stranger I saw walking along the road wearing, what looked like, a brand new outfit. It got me thinking about how we all dress up and pretend, how we ‘hide beneath the layers and hope that no one knows’. We are all really good at pretending, but the irony is we are all doing it.

Becky Evans

Superkey’s verdict… I loved the music Becky performed at her gig and that like Taylor Swift she is making social commentary through her creative work. Spotify listings are sign of professionlism and talent, and that is Supercool.


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