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Month: March 2020

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  • Free Mobile Phone Ringtone

Free Mobile Phone Ringtone

Everybody's gonna be so stoked with this ringtone remix.

Intolign Membership Sample

Thanks 'Intolign' or Jacyhm and Natasha for some inspired writing about wellness in our approach to change.

Not allowed out… Memories of me riding my hoverskateboard….now in VR

Due to lockdown I raised the archive footage and used four video editing tricks to create a virtual reality of me skating.

Women Mean Biz networking groups are now available online

Amazing to see how quickly a networking business group has moved to adopt online remote working practices.

Religion COV-19 meme reimagining

A journey through the religious meme reimagining and reinventing.

Kinesiology Available Online

Another offer of help from a Kinesiology Specialist available to support virtually

Looking for ancient approaches to modern uncertainty with Supernatural Girlz

Hear a sample recording of my soul realignment work with Patrica from Supernatural Girlz.

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