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Men, man, The Man, Masculinity

Men, man, The Man, Masculinity

If you search IT manager in UK on Google and repeat 80 times like I did you might find the shocking statistic that 2/80 were women. Yet IT is likely to be the future of well paid jobs.

After an exhibition in London about masculinity I found myself leering at the most excellent man-ness of one of the local bus drivers with his scowl and slight sweat.

Taylor Swift’s current record is called The Man.

🧔 Ms Taylor or Mr Tailor?
Quiz ….. Is the man Taylor or is it an actor?

Where do you think we are with celebrating men?

Is Taylor Swift right to suggest that it’s advantageous being a man?

I would love some comments on masculinity…..🙏🙏🙏🧔👍


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