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Who forgot to press play on the DVD player?

Who forgot to press play on the DVD player?

Why is digital inclusion important for the disabled community? Good question. When I was very young my mum left me and my sister in the TV area at Asda to watch a film. It was a Disney cartoon and the children were allowed to sit to watch it whilst the parents shopped. Cool. Yes it was until the film finished very quickly five minutes later and we were left watching a trailer looping round repeatedly. This made it very difficult not to feel aware that mum was not here and having no sense of when she would be back led to us feeling panicky. I think we then left the TV area and got lost looking for mum until someone took us to the customer services who tanoyed a message for two girls who had lost their parent.

Yep. And since I’ve been quite scared of TVs with looping trailers.

I was doing my minimum wage job of care assistant. We had to help the clients get ready for their day by following their routines listed in their plans. Some were very independent doing outings but I’d agreed to try lots of different types of roles so also some were not. I don’t think we see this very much in society but for some people they lose all ability to support themselves and worst scenarios can include being positioned in a static chair to keep oneself upright during daytime hours.

Then it happened….the instruction to take the disabled persons into the lounge for their afternoon entertainment. Once everyone is well adjusted into their seats sometimes the final part of pressing play on the DVD is missed as the carers rush on to prepare the teas. No one has pressed play.

Sometimes the remote has no battery. But for whatever reason as well as being disabled the person has to live through my worst fear. A DVD which keeps playing the trailer for the next few hours and suddenly I’m the small child petrified that we’ve lost mum and also a little responsible for my younger sister.

I think digital inclusion or regular maintenance of the electronic entertainment facilities is an important part of social inclusion for people recieving care and support.


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