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I’ve been lucky enough to now visit London for the third time in a year. I went with my dad Greg to stay near Victoria. The first day of our trip we went to Madame Tussauds and then a show.

Madame Tussauds is basically everyone frantically taking selfies next to Wax Celebrities.

Montage using Google Photos Movie Maker

The experience exceeded expectations as there were some interactive rides and scary sets to walk through.

Spoiler alert….its the whole ride almost

Then to finish for the day we went to see a show which we hadn’t read the reviews about. It was called Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

The story of a teenager called Jamie who comes out as queer to his friends and community.

This means for Jamie sharing his alter ego persona MiMi who likes to wear drag dresses and costumes.

Encore finally song clip

5 thoughts on “Best of London

  1. Not traveled outside of my hometown yet this year- which is in Charlotte. Still has some highlights: Come From Away and La Bohème come straight to mind. Some highlights, I know are coming- but isn’t time yet- as in we are in the wrong month.

    1. I recently made another friend online from Charlotte through a technology Facebook group. Hope you are well after the challenges this year. 😍

      1. Well, not easy at all. Two Blumenthal musicals I wanted to see postponed. I know theatre will come back. Having to find ways to keep musical theatre alive.

        For worship, listening to christian songs on Sunday

        Here’s the good thing: Loaves and Fishes, the food pantry I volunteered at since 2018, did not close. Just a different system

        In June, my family went on vacation to FL.

        In addition- actually reading classics, mythology, and fantasies. Also, I am writing books myself

      2. Wow sounds like you are keeping busy and that you have many interesting things to enjoy. Glad to meet you through WordPress 😍

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