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The cost of belonging

The cost of belonging
Money….. needs photography donations.

I thought I’d write some instructions and guidelines about how to weigh up wisely financial agreements.

I saw the recent Panorama report into a church in London called Spacnation which had used some of the styles of charismatic worship and twisted the giving scheme into a fundraising effort which became fraud.

I thought I’d write a few guidelines to help distinguish the fraud from the geniune membership.

  • The leaders of the Spacnation ‘church’ were pressuring individuals with little means to give amounts of approx Ā£1000 through means including falsifying benefit claims.
  • Members of the congregation were disapproved of if they declined the pressure to give beyond their means.

What is common in Christian churches/what is normal?

  • Retiring collections (with gift aid envelopes for tax payers)
  • Collections for a specific purpose or annual fundraising debrief and description of goals for the year ahead
  • Emphasis on regular members who wish to donate to the ongoing life of the church giving
  • Ability to review data about how the year previously was used or how much of a fundraising goal has been achieved.
  • Optimistic but not ‘pie in the sky’ objectives for giving.

Its not just Spacnation. I understand from the BBC podcast of The Missing Cryptoqueen that the muslim community was affected by the Onecoin fraud as the authors of Onecoin managed to get a certificate which said Onecoin was safe under Halal investing terms.

Christmas is a time for giving .... how to discern if you are being advised well about how you make your charity or community gifts.
Safe money (still need some image donations – if you have an image like this please inbox me)

I hope I have gotten the wording on this article ok and feedback is welcome. I hope this article will help you feel that when you give, that you have given well and when you save that all the money you have or had is the place you needed it to be. šŸ™‚

The things we have are equal to the life we pay for them, if its your time, money, health, relationships its our choice how or to whom we allocate them.

Life lesson by Sophie 2019


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