Environ-ethical Concerns

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Talking with my close inner circle including professionals, Bristol friends and at the LGBTQI network, and beyond online…. I find the topic of writing about the environment surface as a blog post idea.

What do you do to reduce your environmental footprint? These are some things I have done:

  • I get everywhere by public transport rather than owning or using a vehicle
  • I don’t have children so I’m not responsible for the consumption they would create.
  • Friends with eco-friendly hobbies like photography

These are things I’m not sure about

  • I frequently buy tea and coffee out, to go sometimes and if there’s no choice I’ll use a single use cup.
  • I have been having food delivery from Hello Fresh and Goutso to save some of the effort I might have to make with planning meals.

Other considerations:

  • I don’t want to become so anxious about the environment that it becomes that Generalised Anxious Feeling.
  • I don’t want to become too confrontational with people such as co-workers if they don’t share my concerns to the same extent.

Please share, repost, add your comments or ideas. Here’s one to start off with, if you’re attending a place of worship this Christmas why not connect with a charity like https://ecochurch.arocha.org.uk/

What can I do in 2020 to help or to raise the profile of world climate concern?

What do you think of the content?

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