Addiction, relapse and recovery – Beautiful Boy Film Review

David is told ‘Relapse is part of the recovery his son needs to go from to be cured from his drug addiction’. In the heartbreaking new film released on Amazon Prime with the theme of recovery.

The film focuses mainly on the relationship of David with his son Nick who by teenage-hood gets drawn into deeper circles of drug dependence.

Steve Carell, Maura Tierney, Timothée Chalamet, Oakley Bull, and Christian Convery star in BEAUTIFUL BOY

The secondary element of the film is to show how the whole family suffers with Nick as he becomes sick, and the depth of love and tolerance they show towards him during the lows.

Nick, his thing is that he doesn’t like reality…. he wants to get away from it. He listens to music like Nirvana and is absorbed by writing.

Nick’s ‘in my room and in my own world’ picture pose

The first set back in the family is when David has to come to terms with Nick not reaching life goals. The goal of attending college finally happens to keep everything in place, but its a gamble because Nick isn’t able to stop taking drugs.

There’s a spotlight on science which shows that once hooked on some of the drugs that the user experiences such an increase in the fear and anxiety lobes of the brain, that the irrational behaviour to get another fix continues.

David and Karen (step mum) standing by
  • As a Christian the story reminded me of when God is portrayed as a heartsick father whose son has gone off to a distant land. When the son has spent all his inheritance he is welcomed back by the father.
  • Unfortunately in the film, based on a book, the cycle continues until by some miracle Nick escapes death after an overdose and agrees to accept more rehab help.

Personally this film made me cry but for some reasons that made me want to watch it all. In the final credits it says that this film serves a purpose to raise awareness of drug overdose being the highest reason for emergency health treatment in under 50 in America.

You don’t have to be in the most ‘in need’ in society to take care of your own wellbeing.

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