Christianity a job for life

In 2009 I was attending an Anglican church so that I could connect spiritually in a gentle way.

I attended an Explore course and made a new friend who has become a ten year friend. My friend has been a personal reference for 5 jobs.

Youth Alpha

I don’t tend to attend Sundays anymore but I feel the need to accept some more open access groups or events.

I have joined in two Alpha courses where there’s room for a wide range of views to be heard as long as respect is given during set times to talk or for quiet.

The friend I made has helped with the practical matter of work so many times. I implore any person to take up the opportunity to connect and reconnect with a group or hobby especially if its one that resonates to them individually.

Did you get into music technology at college? Churches are great places for recording singing with reverb effect, like this tune by Zayn.

Reverb of a massive church abbey
Rainy radio episode 3, what does it mean to explore?

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