Stars who adjusted, they had to.

I was watching the usual YouTube cycle on my phone of which girl is Justin more in love with by his body language Selena or Hailey. Then a few videos about stars and how they changed as they grew up.

And then a really interesting one about which stars did or didn’t make longer term careers and why.

They looked at Elijah Wood who had a number of movies like Flipper in his young years and none particularly life defining, so audiences got used to him grown and as he grew into roles which he had in Lord of the Rings he completed a successful movie career from child to adult.

Mr Maculkin seems to have had a bit of a buffer due to his childhood box office earnings he had freedom and spent time on projects which were personal to him like a band and a few movies which didn’t do that well.

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Let’s look at Starboy

Content warning – models/fashion/VictoriaSecret/Paris
My homemade Spiderman video
Incredible costume dancing

I really like the story Adjustment Bureau I think perhaps not everyone watched it.

Matrix style love story about rewriting our fate.

I think these two had really good chemistry. Not all actors do. I suppose I could finish as I started with a suggestion of what to search whilst you are on the bus and it would be β€˜actors and actresses that actually did not get on during filming’. X-)

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