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Amazon plus FireStick minus Nike

Amazon plus FireStick minus Nike

My Firestick froze so I called Amazon Customer Service and they helped me fix it by suggesting I download the Firestick Remote App.

I asked the customer assistant how she finds the job answering calls from Amazon, she said it gets busy sometimes and that can make people feel a little anxious but it looks really good on her CV and its one of the better call centre jobs for her to be working in.

Amazon – almost a charitable cause in terms of government sponsored tax breaks.

Nike gives Amazon the boot

Updated 13/11/19
Nike said it will stop selling its sportswear and shoes directly on Amazon, after the brand “struggled to control the Amazon marketplace,” according to Bloomberg. Under a pilot program started in 2017, Nike had acted as a wholesaler to the site, hoping to discourage online buyers from purchasing from third-party merchants. Many brands are skeptical of selling their products on Amazon due to unauthorized sellers touting cheaper prices, which can reduce the value of popular labels. The move comes as part of the athletic giant’s retail overhaul under new chief John Donahoe, formerly of eBay.

LinkedIn quote

Cara Salpini Editor at Retail Dive21
The announcement could have implications for Amazon more broadly, as other major brands examine their relationships with the e-commerce giant, which has become known for its struggles with counterfeit goods. Nike, on the other hand, is forging ahead with a strategy focused on direct-to-consumer sales and partnerships that help elevate the brand. Apparently that’s not Amazon. In my opinion, Wells Fargo analysts said it best: “Simply put, AMAZON didn’t fill a clear ‘need’ in NIKE’s distribution strategy, given the efforts that NIKE has made on the digital side with compelling online platforms.”

From Amazon to Ed Sheeran.

For uncensored version you’ll have to do a fresh search.

And back to Amazon again with a Sophie improvement
One of my Amazon Gadgets by Apeman


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