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Depiction of Mental Health – Media Vs Real Experience

Depiction of Mental Health – Media Vs Real Experience
Not 2008 but 2010

This is me in 2010 running the Race for Life. I was having a rough year with my mental health but found some encouragement in taking up some fitness active hobbies.

Me two weeks ago

I was able to rebuild my confidence and slowly get off the medication I was prescribed. I managed to keep up my CV and some income from work. I developed friendships and interests again. This is one of the best months in my adult life for mental health wellness.

Well done to me back then for having a go at something during a year when I got unwell and pretty much everything in my life crumbled away from me.

  • You deserve to have a life which is happier and stronger
  • Its a lot easier to talk about mental health these days
  • Some of the closest friends I have in my life now are one or two people I met along the way who were willing to stick with me during some ups and downs.
Me in London trying out the all day doctor

Now health and recovery is still an interest and I am usually easily persuaded to try a new way of measuring, monitoring and improving physical health as well as psychological well being. 🙂


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